IMERYS INSIGHTS SD Challenge winners announced

SD Challenge winners announced

The Imerys Sustainable Development Challenge highlighted the vast range of social impact projects currently underway.

From an illiteracy eradication programme to efforts to improve biodiversity, this year's Sustainable Development Challenge shone a spotlight on how Imerys is helping communities and environments.

The 10 competition winners were announced in November and were chosen after a rigorous selection process.

A jury selected them from a total of 102 applications made from around the world, with prizes broken down into categories such as Human Resources, Best Video and Communities.

Clara Segón, Education Program Manager at Imerys, who coordinated this year's competition, praised the entries, saying: "From these 102, we called more than 30 experts in different areas, sent them all the initiatives and they made a top 25."

"The shortlist of 25 showed a nice diversity between the business units and geographical locations. The top 25 was presented to the jury. From these, they chose the top 10 winners. Amongst the winners, we counted three different business units, seven different divisions and six different countries."

The Human Resources winner was an education scheme to develop reading and writing skills among employees in Indonesia.

For the Communities category, the jury selected Imerys' Young Learner Programme in Vila do Conde, a low-income community in Brazil, and Project Ganeshpur, which combats nutritional deficiencies and tobacco addiction at a school near Nagpur in India.

Efforts near the Kaolins de Bretagne site in France to preserve a rare moss and use grazing goats to eliminate invasive plants won in the Biodiversity category.

ImerCare Opaline, a premium-grade talc that adds a pearlescent effect to gels and shampoos, was the SD Innovation winner.

The jury gave a Special Award to Calderys India for encouraging women in the workplace by coaching both male and female employees.