IMERYS INSIGHTS Imerys promotes creativity with photo competition

Imerys promotes creativity with photo competition

The chance to capture the essence of an important social project is one of the most exciting opportunities for any photographer.

That's why Imerys Kaolin Brazil, organized last year a special competition, offering both amateur and professional photographers (some of whom being our employees) the opportunity to have their winning pieces exhibited around the world.

Hundreds of entries were whittled down to the top 25 photos, each illustrating a different aspect of the Casa Imerys project, an initiative to assist people in underprivileged communities with their education, health and income generation.

One of the numerous projects supported by Casa Imerys is Imerys' Crescer microcredit programme, which has helped a variety of people from a local fishmonger to a dressmaker in Barcarena, a municipality in the state of Pará, where Imerys is active in mining and processing Kaolin, most of which is exported.

As part of the contest the photographs are being displayed in Belém, Brazil, as well as the United States, France and other destinations.

You can see all the 25 selected pictures on the Imerys Kaolin Brazil website A few of them were even chosen to be featured on the Imerys 2017 greeting card.

Two lucky photographers whose images best encapsulate this Expedição Imerys project were also treated to an all-expenses-paid trip to the International Image Festival – Valongo 2017, in Santos, São Paulo, held between October 4-8.