IMERYS INSIGHTS Imerys boosts literacy campaign

Imerys boosts literacy campaign

Imerys is reinforcing its commitment to support employees by further expanding its successful literacy project.

Imerys is expanding its successful basic skill development initiative this year with employees from an additional 10 countries set to benefit from the education scheme as the company reinforces its commitment to support staff.

The Education Program rolled out to 15 countries in 2017 and seeks to boost basic skills to ensure staff can fully understand and act upon written instructions, a key element of workplace safety.

"There has been a lot of progress around the world in the fight against illiteracy, but despite that, there are still millions of people that cannot read or write. There are different types of illiteracy in the modern world," said Clara Segón, Imerys Education Program Manager.

An example is functional illiteracy, which includes people who can read and who may be able to write simple sentences with a limited vocabulary, but who cannot read or write well enough to deal with the everyday requirements of life in their society, Clara explained.

"That is why it is important to address all types of illiteracy," she added.

The 2017 push targeted countries where Imerys employees numbered more than 300, while the 2018 target is to expand the program to include countries where Imerys has more than 100 staff.

By 2020, all countries where Imerys operates will be included.

A list of skills that employees should have has been drawn up, training programs are being developed, and information is being shared through a variety of channels including Imerys' internal social media platform.

Meanwhile, a reading and writing program was selected as the winner of the Human Resources category of the 2017 Sustainable Development Challenge.