IMERYS INSIGHTS 2017 SD Challenge sets new record

2017 SD Challenge sets new record

After the success of last year's Sustainable Development Challenge, the 2017 competition has set a new record.

A total of 118 initiatives made it through to the second round review this year (compared to 114 in 2016).
The challenge aims to highlight social, environmental and sustainable projects undertaken by Imerys that go above and beyond the best practices required by regulations and normal operations.
"It shows that everyone at Imerys is engaged with sustainability – it's not just some countries or some divisions. It's everybody participating," said Clara Segón, Education Programme Manager at Imerys.
Winning projects are due to be announced later this month.
In previous years, successful initiatives included projects that offered support to local entrepreneurs, promoted education among schoolchildren and ensured the rehabilitation of land formerly used for mining.
In the 2016 competition, India was one of the most well-represented countries. A total of 32 Indian projects were entered into the Challenge including initiatives focused on diversity, education and sanitation.
One popular scheme involved employee volunteers at Calderys India in Nagpur who donated mattresses and water-storage equipment to an orphanage.